Supreme Court to retry Roe v Bolton

Funny, I had not heard anything about this before. Legal scholars might find this article interesting:

Supremes to reconsider landmark abortion case
Plaintiff in Doe v. Bolton case says ACLU attorney pushed her to have abortion

“Like Norma McCorvey, the original “Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade, Sandra Cano was “Mary Doe” of 1973’s other historic abortion decision. Together, “Roe” and “Doe” eliminated all state laws prohibiting abortion and legalized abortion. Cano’s case in particular – because of the “health exception” for the mother it created – opened the door to abortion on demand, for virtually any reason, at any stage of pregnancy up to the moment of birth. Both Cano and McCorvey are attempting to overturn the two abortion cases that bear their names, each claiming their case was based on fraud.

“Cano, who at the time of the case was a pregnant, 22-year-old wife of an abusive husband and all three of her children in foster care, was just looking for a way to get her children back and leave her husband, she says. At no time was she interested in abortion, she adds, but insists she was pressured toward abortion by an aggressive ACLU attorney.”

Article mentions how activists have vandalized her car and shot at her on her porch while she was holding her grandchild in her arms.