Beauty Queen Called Beautiful — the Science Fiction Scale

This is a weekend addendum to my weekly Friday post, which concerned the ugly insanity of the political Left and the beauty of the beauty queen Katherine Webb.

More than one reader wrote in to say that she was not so very attractive. Now, the young lady in question did indeed win a title in a beauty pageant, so no matter what your taste or mine have to say about her degree of good looks, she clearly falls within the general category of healthy and attractive femininity.

At no point did I give my personal opinion about her good looks, but, being opinionated about everything, of course I have an opinion. Sports fans rate women according to a cuteness scale unknown to me, but which, I am sure, include sportscasters from Phyllis George to Ines Sainz and sporting figures from synchronized swimming twins Bia Feres to Branca Feres.

Being a science fiction fan and not a sports fan, I would say that, if dressed as a space princess, Miss Webbs is cuter than Space Princess Leia but not as cute as Space Princess Amidala, and, if painted green and forced to dance for my pleasure at a barbarian space-feast, she is cuter than Orion slavegirl Vina but not as cute as Orion slavegirl Marta.

Let us compare:







You can see why I did not find Mr Musburger’s comments out of line! Compared to what Sciffy Dudes say about spacebabes, a wolf-whistle from a sports commentator is the very paragon of normalcy.


A reader writes in with the comment–

Vina was much cuter as a blonde.

I leave the matter to my other readers to decide. Since she was one of the earlier Science Fiction Television glamor girls, we may of course use her as the standard baseline for determining how attractive as space babe is (in units known as ‘Dejas’ which are used to measure the allure of space princesses, in much the same way that the ‘Helens’ are used to measure the allure of earthly princesses).

Here is what Vina in the Star Trek episode THE CAGE looked like as a blonde:

Hmm. While I can respect a difference of opinion on so subjective a matter as space-beauty, I do think the green version has a certain allure.

Here are other imaginary versions.

You see, for some reason visiting Talos IV, where you can get trapped in illusions, is the only death penalty on the books in Star Fleet, whereas by the next generation, there were Holodecks which performed the same function, but without the need for giant brained Talosians to concentrate until their brain veins popped. Score one for Talos IV! They finally beat the Federation!