Orson Scott Card Blacklisted for Christian Faith

From the pen of David Blount over at the site Moonbattery

There’s a price to be paid by countermoonbats with courage enough to stand up for decency and sanity in a culture that is swirling down the toilet. Ask Orson Scott Card.

After pro-homosexual activists promoted an online petition demanding the firing of award-winning speculative fiction writer Orson Scott Card from an upcoming Superman comic anthology, DC Comics confirmed that Card’s portion of the project has been shelved indefinitely.

An online petition collected some ungodly (I use the word advisedly) number of signatures, and DC comics caved.

Although it did not receive as much media attention, there is a petition asking DC comics not to go along with the brownshirt blacklist:


If, gentle reader, I have ever written a story or essay or joke or even a word that pleased you, in the name of all that is kind, just, wholesome, true, bright and good in life, take the moment to go and sign the petition.

If they succeed with Orson Scott Card, who is much more mild in his views than I, they will succeed with driving stories I write out of the market as well. So I am motivated, in part by self interest.

I motivated more by indignation that Politically Correct perverts have managed to besmirch the reputation of Superman. He now stands for Truth, Justice, and Censorship.

Mr Blout of the Moonbattery site expresses my sentiments:

For the first time in human history, a society has degenerated to the point that advocating the preservation of children’s innocence and the family unit can get a famous author blacklisted.

In case you don’t know this him:

Orson Scott Card is the bestselling author best known for the classic Ender’s Game, Ender’s Shadow and other novels in the Ender universe. Most recently, he was awarded the 2008 Margaret A. Edwards Award for lifetime achievement in Young Adult literature, from the American Library Association. Card has written sixty-one books, assorted plays, comics, and essays and newspaper columns. His work has won multiple awards, including back-to-back wins of the Hugo and the Nebula Awards-the only author to have done so in consecutive years. His titles have also landed on ‘best of’ lists and been adopted by cities, universities and libraries for reading programs. The Ender novels have inspired a Marvel Comics series, a forthcoming video game from Chair Entertainment, and pre-production on a film version.

And if you do know him, go immediately and buy one or more of his books, and show support for this man. http://www.amazon.com/Orson-Scott-Card/e/B000AQ3SS0/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0