Slowly the One Ring Brings them All to Mordor; or Cratocracy

A video from last year by Bill Whittle. It touches on my two favorite topics, politics and LORD OF THE RINGS.

Note that neither Democrat, the Evil Party, nor Republican, the Stupid Party, bestirred themselves to overturn these egregious and blatant violations of the laws of God and Man. The party leaders in both cases are members of the same party, the party that wants power, the Cratocrats.

The Democrats are corrupt from top to bottom, bowsprit to rudder, because they have corrupted their language with Political Correctness which therefore corrupts their thought process.

They are capable only of emoting; their arguments are accusations and ad hominem. That is the only argument they have, and, given the work of public education in the modern day, the only argument their audience is emotionally and mentally mature enough to understand: two legs bad, four legs good.

Republicans still have a healthy core in the Tea Party and Goldwater leaning wing of the party, but the stalwarts of the conservative movement can no longer be trusted, and the Republican leadership is vile.

The inability to put forward a strong candidate with a clear conservative message in this last election, or to win over voters rushing toward the day when their votes no longer would have any meaning — a day I believe is soon, if not already past — shows the corruption of the voters and of the Republican leadership. To stop Obamacare, we put up the candidate responsible for Romneycare, and the conservatives stayed home.

Even National Review, once the flagship of intellectual Republicanism, canned John Derbyshire to appease the racebaiters. National Review routinely excuses constitutional violations in the name of national security.

Who, then, can be trusted?

The answer is that no one can be trusted with the One Ring of power. No one.