Sci Phi, the journal of Science Fiction and Philosophy, seeking submissions

An announcement to any authors willing to help out:

The basic guidelines for the Sci Phi Journal:

Contact: Jason Rennie

Quaterly Magazine for general audience, byline given, Pays on acceptance.
Accepts queries and submissions by email. Guidelines available online. Pays 5c/word for original works. 1000 – 4000 words, will consider longer but please contact in advance.

FICTION: We are looking for science fiction stories that explore a philosophical idea or have a philosophical hook. Stories must include a ‘food for though’ set of questions for readers along with the manuscript. Please include in your cover letter the philosophical themes explored in the story.

NONFICTION: We are looking for general level philosophical discussions that use science fiction elements as launching points for explorations of ideas. Any philosophical area considered but it must be pitched at a general reader.