The International Lord of Hate needs Your Help

A message from Larry Correia:

Need Your Help (gathering links to SJW attacks in sci-fi for a news reporter)

Hey, Monster Hunter Nation and Sad Puppies Supporters, I’ve been approached by a major media outlet gathering information about our little corner of the culture war.

I mentioned bias, and specifically anti-conservative bias among the voters. They asked if I had links to blog posts, comments, etc.

I don’t keep track of most of what these people say about us. Honestly you can only get called a racist hate monger by so many crazy people before it just becomes background noise. So if you guys don’t mind, would you please post your favorites in the comments below.

James May/Fail Burton specifically, I know you are like the archivist of their racist Twitter posts. Time to bust out the files!

Don’t leave your information here, please. Go over to Monster Hunter International and post your replies there.