K Tempest Bradford on Sexual Congress and Salvific Grace

Miss K Tempest Bradford is an outspoken adversary of the Sad Puppies suggested slate of authors, and has posted about it on her Facebook page. I have not had the honor of reading any of her work, but I am given to understand she is a science fiction authoress.

Below I reproduce her words, except for uncouth expletives which I do not allow on my blog.

In this case, I have substituted the robustly earthly expression for carnal knowledge with the more delicate term ‘sexual congress.’ Naturally, as a romanticist, I support and applaud her earnest and urgent imperative asking her readers to enter holy matrimony and enjoy the erotic pleasures of the nuptials.

Also, as a devout Catholic, I applaud her desire to warn people of the dangers of eternal damnation, but at the risk of detracting from her spontaneity of expression, I will substitute the four-letter adjective referring the state of unending woe with the more theologically accurate term ‘devoid of the salvific grace of Christ, Our Lord.’

Also, as a man whose buttocks is large, flabby and mushroom-colored, I applaud her inclusive language addressing the Posterior-American community, but, since this is a family-friendly site, I will substitute her forthright Anglo-Saxaonism with the more effete and Continental term derriere.

The word intersectional is a term of art that can only be explained by that famed pathologist of those suffering from advanced stages of terminal Morlockery, our own Mr James May. I believe it is jargon for the alleged conspiracy of Euro-Christian Hetero-Males to do many bad things. I will leave it as-is, because while it is a swearword in her language, in my language, is it merely pseudo-intellectual jabberwocky.

Normally, I need not go to such lengths to quote someone, but such is the condition of modern language and modern manners.

All the words not in bold italics below are hers. The caps are hers.

Here’s a thing: I need people to stop responding to this Sad Puppies/Hugo thing with “well, if you want to change things, you should have voted.”

First: sexual congress you.

Second: Has your derriere been paying attention to the conversations in this community for the past 5, 10, 20, 30 years on this topic? because, if you haven’t, I invite you to shut your devoid of the salvific grace of Christ, Our Lord mouth.

You see, if you had been paying attention you’d know that lots of people do and did nominate. And in the past few years more and more people who care about diversity in SFF have been making an effort to join the WorldCon voting ranks.

THIS IS WHY SAD PUPPIES EXISTS. Not because some people just happened to decide, but because the mostly white mostly male contingent of whiny derriere-holes saw that there was a shift happening toward a more diverse Hugo slate and away from their ilk and decided to work against it. And bring in people fro outside of the community to help them.

If you don’t sexual congressing know this then you should keep your opinions in your head.

Third: If you can’t or don’t attend WorldCon, the only way to vote is to become a supporting member. That costs $50. Does everyone have $50 to spend on this? No, no they don’t. As I said, in the past few years there has been an upsurge in people willing to do so because they feel it’s important. But again, the mostly white mostly men who are involved in Sad Puppies and the mostly white, mostly men brought in from gamer gate have money to spare (this is often a result of said whiteness and maleness). For them $50 is no big deal. For others it is not.

So sexual congressing cut it out acting like “Oh, you can just vote”. It’s not that simple.

This is a class issue, a race issue, a gender issue. In other words, it’s intersectional. And I know some of you have a hard time with that concept. I don’t care. You’ve had plenty of time to figure it out. I’m real tired of your inability to understand these things…

* * *

So much for that. My entire response and reply is this: I am nonplussed. She lacks our Vulcan power of Mind Meld, and ergo has no basis for asserting a special knowledge of the inner workings of my cold, inhuman and greenblooded heart. It is an argumentum ad hominem, which is a logical fallacy.


ADDENDUM: Sarah Hoyt, an Earthling, responds with admirable unambiguous clarity here: http://accordingtohoyt.com/2015/04/07/not-your-shield-rhiain/