Reviewer Scorn for One Bright Star, Plural of Helen, etc

A reviewer is disappointed in my efforts:

In Wright’s hands Queequeeg remains firmly a noble savage with no depth of characterization at all. One person of color in the story and that’s what Wright goes for. That’s how the Pathetic puppies increase diversity.

Diversity, eh?


ADDENDUM: a reader brings to my attention links to a review site whose disappointment is markedly less. He asked whether both sites read the material, or only one?

Can you go back again? The warm spring dawn and summer days of childhood leave us behind, leaving memories of the fantastic and wondrous. In their wake the coming chill of autumn adulthood the world seems a stark and unfriendly place, a grim, gray world with no place for the fairy tales and wonder of childhood. Darker magics, things of greed and ambition lurk, and the answers that seemed so bright and simple to the young are denied the wizened eye.

“One Bright Star” the the tale of a man called back to duty to fight against supernatural evil: though not in the bright fairy-lands of his childhood, but in the gray streets of modern London. It contains hope, loss, wonder, despair and glory. It is the perfect fairy tale and I heartily recommend it.