A Convenient List of the Monstrous Races of SOMEWHITHER

More than one reader asked for this notes to my latest book, and one of you promised me a healthy tip in my tip jar if I took the time to type all this up.

The race name is all capitalized, then described, and its home aeon name is also in capitals.

URRASSE single primal & panhuman race that pre-existed all deviations into branches. SHINAR

ABARIMONES A tribe of backward footed men from the Himalayas. GATH

ARGIPPAEI or PHALAKROI (Arimphaioi) A sacred Scythian tribe, blessed like their neighbors the Hyperboreans. Can sleep for six months at a time. Men and women both bald since birth. Never carry weapons. Neighbors refer all disputes to them. They dwell in forests and live on berries; long hair is deemed to be disgraceful in the case of women and men alike (hence they are bald); and their manners are mild. Consequently they are reported to be deemed a sacred race and to be left unmolested by the savage tribes among their neighbors, this immunity not being confined to themselves but extended also to people who have fled to them for refuge. (Note that their lack of weapons is because their superweapons, Daevaastra and Angnastra are invisible and allpowerful, and they are too sacred to molest, neither they nor those who seek their sanctuary) VASUMATI

ARIMASPIANS (Arimaspoi, Monommatoi) A tribe of one-eyed Scythian men who warred with the Griffins for gold. From the same aeons come the AEGIPANES A tribe of goat-legged and horned men who lived in the Atlas Mountains of Libya, as well as the HIPPOPODES A tribe of northern European men with horses’ feet TAARI

ASTOMI (Astomoi) A hair-covered and mouthless Indian tribe who live off the scent of aromatic plants. ELAM

ATLANTEANS (Atlantes) The people of the mythical island of Atlantis. (but note that the Atlanteans of Noj are called Pterophoroi) ARPHAXAD

AUTOCHTHONS. Immortals born from the earth. CAINEM

BLEMMYAE (Blemmyai, Sternophthalmoi) A tribe of headless men whose faces were set upon their chests. ANDROPHAGI (Androphagoi) A tribe of African cannibals who lived entirely on the flesh of men. SABTAH

CALINGI (Kalingoi) A tribe of short-lived Indian men who reached maturity at the age of five and died aged eight. PYGMIES (Pygmaioi) A tribe of diminutive African men just one pygme tall (a pygme being the length from elbow to knuckle on a regular man). They were engaged in an endless war with migrating flocks of cranes. EPIPHANIA

CATOUDAEI troglodytes of the superhuman Vrilya, of ASHKINAZ.

CHOROMANDAE (Khromandai) A tribe of Indian men with hair-covered bodies, dog’s teeth and a horrible scream in place of speech. SHEBA

CRUORBIBITORS. Vampires. Speak Latin. JAVAN

CYNOCEPHALI (Kunokephaloi, Hemikunes) A tribe of dog-headed Greeks and Romanians. THOEBEL

CYRNI A tribe of long-lived Indian men who were never touched by signs of old age. THALASSA

GAEAGENES A tribe of six-armed, earth-born men fought by the Argonauts on Bear Mountain in Mysia. LUD

GORGADES Womenfolk were covered in long hair. NOJ

HELIADES A fabulous people who inhabited seven happy islands in the southern ocean. They were almost hairless with bendable bones and a double-tongue which allowed them to hold two conversations at the same time. ARVAD

ILLYRII witches of Illyrin, born with two pupils in each eye MOSOCH

MACHLYES (Makhlyes) A Libyan tribe of androgyns. HADAN

MACROCEPHALI (Makrokephaloi) An African tribe of men with long, elongated heads. ASSHUR

MELANOCHROTI (Melanokhrotoi) A tribe of black-skinned men ruled by a king with a single eye in the middle of his forehead. ASTABOR

NEPHILIM Half-human half-titans. OENAE also from here. ENOCH.

NYCTALOPES. Night-seeing men from Armenia. Gray eyed. Born bald. UL

OPHIOGENES A race of Trojans descended from a dragon. It was said that a mere touch from one of these people could cure snakebite. This was due to the fact that a progenitor of the race had changed from a snake to a human being. UZ


PANOTII (Panotioi) A fabulous northern European tribe with gigantic, body-length ears.


SAUROMATAE—Sarmatians, sons of Amazons and Scythians, able to go for many days without eating (or, here, forever). No virgin is permitted to marry until she kills a foe in the field. MADAI.

SCIAPODS (Skiapodes, Steganopodes) A tribe of one-legged, one-footed Libyan men. The Sciapod sheltered himself from the sun beneath a giant, upraised foot. For this reason they were known as Umbrella-Foots or Shadow-Foots. UTIXO

SCIRITAE (Sikiritai) An Indian tribe with snake-like nostrils in place of the nose, and bandy serpentine legs. NUWA

STRUTHOPODES (Strouthopodes) An Indian tribe whose womenfolk had tiny, sparrow-like feet, but whose men grew giant cubit long ones. VIRACOCHA

SYRBOTAE (Syrbotai) A tribe of twelve-foot tall African men. SIDON

ARTABATITAE (Artabatitai) A tribe of African men who traveled around on all fours like apes. AMORREUS

SVARTALFAR Mist, Twilight, Doppelganger and all the arts of invisibility, of RIPHATH


ANDROLETEIRAI (destroyers of men) or ANDROKTONOI or AIORPATA (manslayers) or AMAZONS A tribe of warrior women. (Gargareans, a race of men, were separated from them by a mountain, but once every year the Amazons met the Gargareans in the mountains for the purpose of propagating their race, and then returned to their own country) from ALBION (Our Earth. Queen Elizabeth I was an Amazon, as was Camilla, Britomart, and others).