Announcing the Formation of a New Writer’s Group

A reader with the iatric yet riotous name of Docrampage has asked me to pass along the following announcement. The words below are his:

Like maggots diffusing from the bowels of a rotted and reeking corpse, a nameless writer’s group has spontaneously emerged, blind and mewling, from the comments section of this very site, it’s purpose: to encourage and advise one another in our writing. I, for example, have received extensive and strenuous advice about the appropriateness of my metaphors and the complexity of my sentences–advice that I am sure was well-meant if a bit misguided.

Inspired by John C. Wright, our goal is to write speculative fiction that entertains the reader and does not contribute to the coarsening of society. If you are serious about writing or would like to get serious about writing, and could use some encouragement and advice, you should think about joining us. To join up or ask questions, email me at Put “author” in the subject line.

We shall not be forever nameless! Join soon if you want in on the naming decision!

For now, we are keeping the group small and private so there is no public web page.

Just to be clear, I am not in this group nor part of it, I am merely the mascot or inspiration, and rather flattered to be so.