Superluminary Episode 40 Line of Battleworlds

Superluminary, Episode 40 Line of Battleworlds, is posted on Patreon:

Episode 40 Line of Battleworlds

In this exciting episode, the younger Lords of Creation conquer the worlds kidnapped from Canopus in furious battles, one lord or lady subjugating each globe.

Our Story so Far:

Episode 01 Assassin in Everest

In which Aeneas Tell, the youngest member of the Imperial family of mad scientists who rule the solar system with an iron fist, is decapitated by a high-tech vampire.

Episode 02 The World of Death

In which Aeneas is flung in his pajamas onto the surface of planet Pluto.

Episode 03 The Dark Tower

In which Aeneas breaks into the forbidding and forbidden tower looming above the ices of Pluto, and finds it void of living things, but not uninhabited nor unguarded.

Episode 04 The Technology of Tyranny

In which Aeneas, paralyzed, falls facefirst into the plutonian secret it is death to glimpse: a raging singularity at the engine core of the very antique superspaceship his grandfather once used to conquer to Earth!

Episode 05 The Many Murders of the Mad Emperor

In which the helpless Aeneas delays his death sentence to sate his lonely captor’s curiosity, and his own. Lord Pluto reveals the startling truth of their family’s bloody past. Was the Emperor a savior? Or a maniac?

Episode 06 Deathstorm

In which Aeneas, paralyzed and on fire, plunges toward the death-energy powered warp singularity at the base of the dark tower of Lord Pluto, while all the undead unleash a ghastly barrage of negative life energy no earthly life can withstand!

Episode 07 Moon of Murder

An which Aeneas is blasted by an interplanetary strength particle beam weapon issuing from the Sea of Tranquility on the Moon to his position hiding behind a rapidly melting satellite in a rapidly degenerating orbit.

Episode 08 Mistress of Dreams and Delirium

In which Aeneas spars with his cousin Lady Luna, his savior or captor, trying to discover her motives and role in recent events, while she discovers his. He declines to speak the truth, and is betrayed.

Episode 09 The Battle in the Garden of Worlds

In which Aeneas and the Lords of Creation do battle.

Episode 10 The Madness of Tellus

In which Aeneas is on trial for his life by his cruel and crooked relatives.

Episode 11 The Abomination of Desolation

In which the discovery is made that the Sun is primed to ignite into a nova-explosion.

Episode 12 Defusing the Supernova

In which Aeneas saves mankind and is commanded to destroy himself.

Episode 13 Ripping the Fabric of Reality

In which Aeneas warps experimental asteroid lab in which he is imprisoned across timespace, in a desperate bid to free himself from the control of his three evil uncles.

Episode 14 Strange Fires of Strange Suns

In which Aeneas finds a hideous and ultra-powerful undead civilization occupying megascale structures orbiting Alpha Centauri.

Episode 15 Blind Jump

In which Aeneas is forced to engage the warpcore without any navigation or destination, flinging himself and his two stowaways at random through timespace.

Episode 16 The Great Eye of Zeta Herculis

In which Aeneas accidentally wakes one of the of neutron star weapons that long ago obliterated all biological life in the galaxy.

Episode 17 Graveyard World

In which the vampire planet must be conquered by three Tellurians before they are detected and obliterated.

Episode 18 The Deadly Light of a Living Star

In which Aeneas battles the undead neutron star called the Great Eye of Rutilicus.

Episode 19 The Surrender of Saturn

In which are revealed the primordial origins of earthly life and cosmic war that the mad Emperor, Lord Tellus, kept hidden from mankind and his family.

Episode 20 The Feast of Vampires

In which Aeneas discovers the meaning of human evolution, and stirs the ancient plutonian foe of all life to rise again.

Episode 21 The Black Ship

In the ancient terror of planet Pluto is woken to war by the betrayer in the black ship. Who is the traitor?

Episode 22 Teradeath

In which the world-vampire stirs to life, and a world dies. 

Episode 23 Hatred for All Life

In which Aeneas hurls a neutron star into the path of the oncoming singularity aimed at Sol. The death toll mounts. The darkness rises.

Episode 24 The Three Headed Throne

In which the Emperor of Man is found.

Episode 25 The Lady of Love

In which Lady Venus urges the unwilling emperor to assume his rightful throne, while the fate of man hangs in the balance.

Episode 26 The Extinction of Sol

In which the Dark Fleet of the Space Vampires surrounds the Solar System in a globe ships, battleworlds, and dark stars, presaging death.

Episode 27 The Overlord of Unlife

In which the dark Overlord of the Vampire Empire brooding at the core of the galaxy, commands the obliteration of all organic life.

Episode 28 The Unholy Light of Ara A

In which, at the hypergiant star Ara A, submerged war Dyson Spheres open fire on the World Armada of man.

Episode 29 War Dysons

In which the World Armada is subjected to a barrage of nova-strength interplanetary beam weapons, and seeks escape in an unexpected location.

Episode 30 Down A Dragon Throat

In which World Armada dives down the channel of plasma directly into the muzzle of the War Dyson.

Episode 31 Event Horizon

In which the World Armada, trapped inside the firing mechanism of the star-killing Dyson, runs into the singularity at the core.

Episode 32 Matter of War

In which Lord Mars battles alone against the countless undead hordes of the Xormxragon Dyson Sphere.

Episode 33 Obliteration of Man

In which alien monstrosities pick among the corpses of all the dead worlds of mankind. Humanity seems extinct.

Episode 34 Second Earth

In which the fate of mankind is revealed.

Episode 35 The Great Void

In which an unexpected enemy strikes at the throne.

Episode 36 Outside of Time

In which a duel of warps technical unfolds in a single frozen moment of time.

Episode 37  Uneasy Lies the Head

In which the hatred and ambitions of the Imperial family finally boil over to open strife.

Episode 38  War Plans

In this episode, the final assault is planned against the dreadful space fortresses of the space vampires at Luminous Blue Variable 1806-20.

Episode 39 Star Pirates of Canopus

In this exciting episode, the giant star Canopus and all its worlds are overwhelmed and obliterated.