The Indefatigable, Undefeatable, Incorrigible RIBBIT AWARDS!

Jon Del Aroz and John C Wright (two johns with one h between them), host the first annual Ribbit Awards for Science Fiction and assorted calumnies and shenanigans.

This is not just the first Ribbit Awards of this week, season or year, dear friends, but the first of this millennium! Nay, the first of this epoch, era, age, and eon!

The candidates were picked by a blue ribbon panel of impartial if not impenitent judges, and the final voted collected from you, the reading public.

We are not saying that the Hugo Awards have been exposed as a corrupt and pointless exercise of self-interested insiders, social justice warriors, loons, nags, scolds, harridans, pederasts, creeps, fools and liars, granting awards based on pull, insider influence, political utility, or purse-puppy minority status, but never ever granted on merit, craftsmanship, genius, or popularity, whereas this Awards humbly expresses the honest opinions of people who read real science fiction and actually love it. What we are saying is…. well, actually, come to think of it, that is exactly what we are saying.

Up yours, fakers. We are sick of you sucking the fun out of fandom.

The fabulous awards show, hosted with no expenses expended, was captured live on video, and is available for postmortem viewing at this finely handcrafted link: