Declan Finn Encounters Rough Waters on Amazon and launches an Kickstarter

Amazon removes two Christian speculative fiction titles from pre-order

Declan Finn’s Deus Vult and Jon Del Arroz’s Glorified were both suddenly removed from Amazon, apparently for spurious reasons–such as the claim that files that had been loaded were not loaded. Both gentlemen are writing speculative fiction action stories with Christian characters. Declan reports that this is the first time his series has had a problem with Amazon, AND the first time that he tagged his series as Christian.

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And here is the link for the audiobook Kickstarter for Declan’s Hell Spawn, an action filled thriller about a hard-boiled New York cop who just might become a saint–if he lives long enough. (This book was edited by my lovely and talented wife, Mrs. Wright.)

Hell Spawn Audiobook Kickstarter