Global Cooling Warming Changing Crisis Denier

Allow me, as succinctly as I may, to list the reasons for my skepticism about the alleged Lack of Climate Stasis Crises.

This list is not going to be very succinct, but I will try to keep it short.

  1. Were it not a hoax, the scolds scolding us would be seeking engineering solutions for what is basically an engineering problem.For example: A supertanker of iron oxide (rust) sprayed on the surface of the ocean along the Pacific equator would suck an enormous amount of carbon out of the air, prompt a plankton and fish bloom, and when they all died, drag the carbon to the bottom of the ocean for millions of years.But no public discussion of the alleged crisis examines the costs and benefits of alleged solutions. The public discussions concern only political matters, such as laws, treaties, and accords.

    One can find discussions of engineering solutions to the alleged problem, but one must seek and high and low.

    More to the point, were it not a hoax, the nags nagging us would support nuclear power, which has zero greenhouse emissions.

    Whatever other dangers or drawbacks might be associated with nuclear power is as nothing compared to the obliteration of all human life on Earth in a decade

  2. Were it not a hoax, the termagants would have offered the opposite solution when the emergency being discussed was global cooling, not global warming.So if air particulates actually threatened global cooling, then the threat of global warming should be combated by increasing, not decreasing, air particulates pollution. Likewise, if another type of air pollution involving greenhouse gasses actually threatened global warming, the proposed solution to global cooling would have been to increase air greenhouse gas emissions.

    Instead, in both cases, the solution is the same: Socialism.

  3. Were it not a hoax, the scientific evidence would be examined by the scientific community, not be the central attraction of a three ring circus played out in a political theater orchestrated by the media-industrial complex.
  4. Were it not a hoax, no one would need to pour lavish bribes into the purses of NASA officers and other senior political and scientific figures to pay for them to make public statements to the press reciting the alarmist talking points.
  5. Were it not a hoax, no one would be continuing to repeat the absurd fake news story, endlessly debunked, that 90 percent or 97 percent of scientists affirm the crisis to be real.
  6. Were it not a hoax, then someone, anyone, could tell me of single prediction made by the alarmists in the last twenty or thirty years which has come to pass. I cannot bring a single one to mind.But one can list the false and fake predictions, one after another after another without even coming close to listing them all:
  7. Were it not a hoax, then the behavior of the alarmists would not so closely resemble the psychology of a religious observance, complete with the sacrament of confession and buying indulgences. This is a substitute for religion with these people, not a serious scientific debate.
  8. Were it not a hoax, the debate would be serious and sober, not hysterical and sensational. Were it not a hoax, the cost as well as the benefits of proposed remedial measures would be the topic of discussion. We would not be listening to mentally ill children invited to scold the free world at the United Nations.
  9. Were it not a hoax, someone would mention the benefits of global warming to certain regions, including the increased growing season for certain crops, the decrease of power generation needed to heat homes in other regions and the corresponding drop in energy use, and so on.