All Men Dream of Earthwomen Noetic File 4.0 Coriolis Fall

All Men Dream of Earthwomen, Noetic File 4.0 Coriolis Fall, is now posted.

Noetic File 4.0: Coriolis Fall

This is the famous scene, often depicted in romances, where the narrator rescues Amphitricia after a life-threatening Coriolis fall from an inner carousel.

Despite the common folk-belief, our tradition of carrying the bride over the threshold does not come from event, but has earlier roots, perhaps as far back as the abduction of the Sabine woman as depicted in Plutarch, in the unicameral consciousness days, precompanionship.

This file contains what antiquarians call an ‘infodump’ where the poet explains information to his audience presumably they already know, artfully enough not to imply dereliction of their education.

Much like the ritualized praise of their patrons, it is the type of nicety required by the stiff conventions and formality of the culture of ancient writers.

The file is an example of what is called “poetic paradox” as when he claims to be unaware of his surroundings, and yet describes them in detail, or he describes the actions of a fictional character, but clearly attributes those actions to himself.