All Men Dream of Earthwomen, Noetic File 5.0 An Old-Fashioned Hospital

All Men Dream of Earthwomen, Noetic File 5.0 An Old-Fashioned Hospital, is now posted.

Noetic File 5.0: An Old-Fashioned Hospital

These small domestic scenes display both the medicinal protocols and police procedures of the milieu.


The traditional confessions of mutual love as the hero and heroine exchange romantic sonnets has been omitted from this publication, as the main body of scholarly opinion regards file 5.2 as a later interpolation.

Argentiferous Era commentators, including del Yame and del Sancta Timorous, discuss that the brief statement where the narrator refuses to recount any romantic dialogue. It is a figure of rhetoric known as an apophasis.

This must have appeared in the now lost ur-document oldest layer of mnemonic records, in order to explain the surviving Cupric Era commentary.

Del Arrant argues, we believe persuasively, that the lurid erotic sonnets appearing in the Phronetic Recordings are not in keeping with the delicacy of the narrator’s home epoch, which forms one of the emergent themes of the account.

We follow the version as recounted by the Auferic Era sources, especially del Vatic, updated for the modern audience.