All Men Dream of Earthwomen, Noetic File 10.0 The Heavens are Ours

All Men Dream of Earthwomen, Noetic File 10.0 The Heavens are Ours, is now posted.

Noetic File 10.0: The Heavens are Ours

After some romantic banter, the narrator kisses Amphitricia.

The deference paid to historical and ancestral figures requires that arch comments, whistles, caws, and drolleries be redacted from the applicable thought streams by any students whose minds are beneath the 95th level of mental pressure.

Likewise, reenactments or visualizations of the scene may not have a somatic component.

The student is cautioned that, as with all things, the ways of our ancestors were not as our ways, regardless of the respect filial piety demands.

Dispute remains as to whether the Janus statues of Grandmother Earth are indeed the Biform Monuments of Alpha Ceti.

The consensus of authorities holds that the tune here mentioned, which the narrator calls Greensleeves, is the Marian hymn What Child is This.

Authentic historical records show that this tune was written by Monarch and Alpha Male Henry VIII of England, due to England’s departure from the prior thought-structure of continental Catholicism, and the Virginian Mary, the chief priestess of the sacerdotes at that time, was offended, and, as the song says, “cast him off discourteously.” Henry VIII was then sent to Hell, the asteroid whose desolate conditions are described in the text, where he wrote this song by way of apology.

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