Commercial Suicide for Superheroes: Trucker’s Take

This is an unintentional guest column on the topic of the ongoing sodomitification and emasculation of supermen, which is only one of many hydra-mouths of the world-wide Wokepocalypse. I found these remarkable remarks under a video by Diversity in Comics (now called Comics Matter) here.

Since the remarks were left in a public forum, I assume it is not breach of manners to repeat them here, in full.

He sports the epidermal-pigmentary yet circumambient name of Tatooman360. The words below are his. 


My daughter is bisexual (well, technically, if she was woke, she says she would define herself as pansexual), lives with me, as does her very gay, lesbian partner. I used to be hardcore into comics and due to the crap that has infested comics, I am not into them at all any more.

My daughter has thoroughly read and enjoyed most of my issues of comics and wondered why I stopped. I didn’t tell her why but simply went out and bought a pile of new a d semi new comics for her to read. Without explaining my positions on anything, she tried to read them.

Constantly, I would hear her exclaim, “WTF? What is this garbage?” or “Since when is so-and-so character bisexual? That’s just F’jng stupid.” or “”WTH, this story has no plot. They aren’t doing anything except talking. This is F’ing garbage.”

We have had long discussions about them since and her conclusion? Exactly the same as mine.

Comics are lost.

Story lines and plot no longer exist. Comics have become a platform on which to ONLY virtue signal.

BTW, she is 23, is working on a college degree in psychology, and should, by virtue of her sexuality, age, and education, fit in with the woke crowd, but she (mostly) detests it.

She has asked the same questions in our discussions, again without me leading or promoting her. Why then characters gay or bisexual, or why focus on race and skin color, and segregate groups the way they do.

Did I mention she is also half First Nations (indigenous for those not in the know) her questions are, “Why turn a character gay if it doesn’t advance the plot line, give them a weakness to exploit, give them a new power to utilize against a villain, introduce new characters, or otherwise, in any way, significantly affect the story?

Her conclusion is the same as mine and yours. It’s ONLY to virtue signal and hold themselves aloft as “a good person.” She hates this tokenization as much as I do.

We explained all of this crap to her partner who isn’t in to comics at all, and she laughed. She says she has seen this in the gay community for years (she’s 8 years older than my daughter) when people with absolutely nothing else of interest going on in their lives try to aim they are bisexual or join LGBT associations to help “advance the cause.” She detests those people.

Her point? Go get a cause that’s relevant to your life, and also, we don’t have a cause. We are accepted by most of society now, and those that don’t accept us? F them. If they don’t like me, too bad for them, I could give two s-hits about them.

Final thoughts: if my daughter can notice this immediately without watching comics channels, or having me mention it, and SHE is bisexual and HATES this, how do these writers expect normies to react.

It’s all activism, virtue, and publicity that will ultimately fail when comics die.

By the way, as a long range trucker, I have travelled widely across Canada and the US, comics have kept me sane through a lot of it, and I know a large number of comics stores across the two countries. Almost all of the owners have seen customers drop comic lines, writers, and characters they love simply because they have noticed how garbage comics now are. Most are also reducing the numbers of new comics they buy because it’s just not economically maintainable to buy stock that just doesn’t sell.

These writers are cutting the trees, stacking the wood, pouring the gas, and lighting the match on their own careers, and in the process, destroying the pleasure millions have taken from comics over the years.

I hope and pray they wise up soon, but I think it is too late and they are too up their own asses to smell the crap anymore.