The Intangible Design, Sixth: The Unconquerable

The Intangible Design is now posted.

Six of Six.

In which these events culminate.

I suspect the main character was meant to be a strong female character, following the fashion of someone like Red Sonja or Jirel of Joiry (albeit without their distinctive personality or charm), but I suspect Elenore Hellmaiden would not pass muster for a modern feminist, despite being written in my virginal days before marriage, when women were as unknown and strange as to the writer as dragoncats.

Interesting to reread an unsold short story from so early in my career. Whether or not I have a distinctive voice or style, as my heroes and exemplars, GK Chesterton and Jack Vance so clearly do, is a question I am not in any vantagepoint to answer; but I suspect this tale is too early to see any distinctive mannerisms or habits peculiar to me. It seems workmanlike and generic enough.