Who is Surprised at This?

The release of the Twitter Files from Twitter’s new management actually lured me into going on Twitter, which is a mistake for any opinionated person without abundant time to burn.

Nothing released was even mildly surprising to me: I had assumed, perhaps too readily, that both Left and Right knew the Left was lying when they claimed there was no shadow-banning taking place, in just the same way both sides know the 2020 election was fraudulent.

Well, no. Moderate Republicans, that is, GOP who are not in the conservative wing of the party, even if they are journalists or lawyers or people who should be in the know, apparently are surprised and shocked by the revelation.

In other words, uni-party drones, “Washington Generals”, quislings and  candidate selected by donors precisely because they have no backbone, no principle, and no independent thought, they are surprised.

I heard Hugh Hewett, a radio pundit with whom I mostly agree on most issues, express shock at the Twitter Files.

To his credit, he admitted on the air that he had been telling people for years that Twitter did not shadowban conservative voices. No one on Twitter who followed any conservative pundit, and saw him disappear from his feed, could be so naive.

Hugh Hewett also says detaining January Sixth protestors without charge and without bail in solitary confinement is lawful practice: there are no political prisoners in America.

Does he believe his own humbug? How can he? How can any man?

I fear I give those willfully deceived by transparent fibs too much credit. Some are not willful, nor stupid, nor could they be so innocent, not a fellow member of the profession of journalism. Perhaps the Empire of Lies is simply too deeply entrenched.