Signal Boost: In Defense of the Second Amendment by Larry Correia

Mr. Larry Correia is known by many names.  The Mountain that Writes is he known among the Elves, International Lord of Hate to the Mental Dwarves; Tetsubo-of-Twitter he was in his youth in the West that is forgotten, in the South Merchant-of-Death, in the North Owen Pitt Self-Insert; to the East he goes not.

To this list should be added another: he is now the author of IN DEFENSE OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT, which I bought merely to spite his foes.

Mr. Correia is articulate, witty, and blunt enough to explain why even the criticisms of his detractors convince the candid to buy his new nonfiction book. I need say no more.

His words are below the cut:


From my lefty critical reviews, more reasons why sane people should buy this book!

“the point is not to show gun control adherents as wrong but as foolish and contemptible”

Indeed. You should have seen what I said about Moms Demand Action before the lawyers made me tone it down!

“the book echoes the recently invented position in the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision holding that the Second Amendment restricts states, a position held by none of the Framers.”

Silly, Clarence Thomas, rights are only for liberals! Everybody knows that SCOTUS can’t tell states they aren’t allowed to restrict their residents’ civil liberties. That’s why Brown v. Board of Education ruled in favor of the democrats and allowed them to keep segregation!

“implies those who do not agree with the author are irrational”

Oh, I don’t just imply it! That’s what all those pages of cites are for.

“implies (gun control vultures) are a threat do democracy”

Well, duh.

“There are better books which support the second amendment in clear and rational terms”

I notice the concern troll reviews (I love the Second Amendment BUT…) always say that, then never name any of these pro 2A books they love. Go figure.

“it felt hate driven”

It probably sounded that way because that one came from an audiobook review of a 7 hour audiobook that was posted like 30 minutes after the audiobook download became available. I imagine everything sounds hatemongery when played at 20x speed.

“This book is a lot of things, mostly it’s the incoherent ramblings of a guy who sleeps with a pistol tucked into his boxers.”

I don’t just stick a gun in my shorts. I carry in a Phlster Floodlight. I’m not a barbarian!

“This repetition of easily debunked radical talking points is harmful to the cause of gun ownership.”

A. Sadly he forgot to list or easily debunk any of my radical talking points. I’m assuming that’s because this was from an unverified purchase so he’d have to actually like read the book and stuff.

B. For some reason I’m kinda thinking this guy isn’t actually that concerned about what’s “harmful” to gun ownership.

The second amendment, and the current interpretation of it by the court, is in no danger for at least the next twenty years. Just look at who sits on the Supreme Court currently.”

A. Nobody wants your guns (looks at the last week’s activity in New York, Illinois, Maryland, Colorado, California, the ATF’s new brace rule, and a new federal assault weapon’s ban proposal) uh…

B. I was unaware that conservative justices routinely live to be a hundred, but we all feel super better having that single line of defense to not having our rights obliterated! Don’t worry. After your rights, property, and freedom are taken away, maybe, just maybe, in 5-10 years and millions of dollars in lawyer fees your case might make it to a court that currently doesn’t want to make you a serf.

C. 20 years? If this dope had actually read the book he’d know I’m shooting for forever. I’d like my great grandkids to have their liberty too.

“Larry Correa —-Co owner of a Gun Store, Registered Fire Arms Instructor- fiction author in following Genre Urban fantasy Thriller Fantasy Science fiction Doesn’t appear to have any legal qualifications/training. Ummmmm????”

A. You spelled my name wrong. Racist. I’m triggered.

B. Retired gun store owner. Novels pay way better!

C. well, the short version of my gun related resume still managed to take up a couple of pages. But what are my 30 years of experience compared to his 3 minutes on Google? (of course, liberals don’t need experience, they have the Power of Heart. Like Captain Planet!)

D. That last part would probably matter if I’d written a law book. (Good thing the publishing house had lawyers to fact check me!)

There you go. I’m actually kind of gleeful about more of these vapid reviews from gun haters coming in, because this is going to make an amazing blurb sheet. ????

I encourage everybody to leave an honest review, but please, unlike these dopes, actually wait until you’ve read the book first!