Short Review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol III

First things first: There are no “Woke” sucker punches in the film. Somehow, it escaped Cultural Revolution vandalism. However, the actresses lack glamor and sex appeal, for they are dressed and adorned most drably.

Drawbacks? Very few: There is perhaps some unevenness of tone, vacillating between slapstick and somber, too much shouting and screaming for my taste.

The film is otherwise engaging, and at times moving, deeper than the prior films, and darker, but with splendid visuals, action, thrills, moments grossly horrific, moments heartfelt to bring a tear, and at least one moment of supernatural awe.

There is also that most rare quality, wisdom, in the one line Rocket the space Raccoon says to his creator at their final confrontation. I would not dare spoil the surprise, but it is my favorite line in the film, perhaps in any film.

Well worth your time and ticket money. If, as seems likely, this is the last MCU film I ever see, it is a fine fare-thee-well.