Unhumanity: Part VII Revolt Against the World-Spirit

Continued from prior columns. The civilizational suicide of Wokeness is merely the current incarnation of an unbroken tradition of esoteric mystics from antiquity, forever seeking to synthesize all faiths into a unity, replace God with man, and create heaven on earth, or abolish earth altogether. It is a tradition of unreason, irreligion and inhumanity.

Unreason we have explored. We here briefly explore the inversion of religion.

1. The Demiurge

From the Gnostics of the Bronze Age to modern Cultural Marxists, those who appoint themselves as the enlightened, the “woke” claim to see the glass ceilings, hear the dog whistles, feel the micro aggressions, and otherwise know the unknowable and invisible conspiracy of the demiurge.

Gnostics both ancient and modern claim an inner knowledge, available only to superior beings like themselves, that the world is created and ruled, not by God but by a blind or malign demiurge who pretends to be God. They, the superior beings, are the real gods, the only gods there are.

The demiurge is a world-architect who has arranged the world to an exploit and oppress an unwary victim-class. The world means both civilization, the world of man governed by the laws of man, and means the cosmos, the physical reality governed by the laws of nature.

This exploitation and oppressive is permanent, systemic, ubiquitous, and irreformable: ergo the only salvation is to waken to one’s own inner godhood, rebel against the established order, and remake the world.

The ancient version of this dogma held the demiurge to be a blind or malevolent world-spirit, a devil aping god, able to deceive the benighted into obedience, able to rewrite the laws of nature to make the whole cosmos a prison.

For Hegel, the world-spirit or zeitgeist establishes the customs and laws of civilization, but also human nature, which is ever-evolving hence fluid; for Marx, the customs and law spring from the economic activity that shapes the direction of ever-evolving human nature, and the demiurge is the class of capitalists who organize economic activity, hence human nature, for their own benefit.

For the Cultural Marxists, the Capitalist demiurge or world-spirit also includes Patriarchy and White Supremacy and Cisnormativity — which is able to impose all biological difference of mammalian life onto the victim class of nonbinary hence fluid and ever-evolving sexual spectrum creatures. These creatures are apparently not of the phylum of chordate animals, because their sexual characteristics are indeterminate. And they have no spines.

Cultural Marxists hold that the physical weakness of female primates, their maternal natures, their ability to give birth and bear young, are all cultural constructs imposed on the spineless creatures. For some reason, the niceties of femininity and glories of motherhood are regarded as despicable emblems of slavery, except when castrated perverts crave to exhibit them.

In any case, the Cultural Marxists hold that the facts of biology are fluid, controlled by the demiurge class of oppressive Patriarchs, and, moreover, that once the Patriarchs are overthrown, and utopia arrives, the facts of biology will alter to suit the new and enlightened cosmic rulers, namely, themselves. As architects of the world, not just laws and customs, but physical reality, will bend to their will.

This is not a break in tradition from Marx, who fully expected not just human nature to change when the socialist commonwealth conquered all evils in the world, but also the laws of supply and demand, the scarcity of resources, the disutility of labor, and, in sum, the laws of cause and effect.

In other words, Marx, like this Hermeticist precursors, was a magician, who expected the blood-sacrifice of sufficient millions of scapegoats to metamorphize reality itself, bending to obey human will.

The Cultural Marxists are no different.

The Cultural Marxists do not use these terms, but in truth they believe reality around them is controlled by a cabal of magicians with the supernatural power, for example, to inflict menstruation on sexless beings once forced into the shapes and bodies of women, making them physically weak and unable to grow whiskers. We are all primordial hermaphrodites, but the unlucky half of us are being forced into crippling female flesh is like a fairytale prince being transmogrified into a frog.

Such is the power the Woke ascribe to all who comprise the Patriarchy. This is the same power the Gnostic ascribed to the Demiurge, namely, the power of the world-architect, the power to shape reality by fiat, by speaking words. When you call a crossdresser “he” the Woke think you are casting a magic spell that transforms a girl out of her rightful shape and traps her in a male body.

The Cultural Marxists do not seek to undo the magic of the Demiurge. They seek to seize it for themselves. They want to be the Demiurge, to become the world-architects, and gain the power to shape reality by fiat. When you, dear reader, point at reality and name a fact as fact, they think you are creating, not discovering, the fact, and imposing it into existence by your will.

They want to discover the source of your magic power, kill you, and eat your brains, to gain that power themselves. They also want revenge for every evil factual reality has ever imposed on them, a reality they say you and your language creates.

They are, in fact, a freakish combination of atheist and Satanist. Cultural Marxism does not believe in a literal god, but does believe that reality is fluid, nature is fluid, and the nature of man is fluid.

The nature of man includes our sexual dimorphism, and our inability enjoy the fruits of labor without the labor. Biblical writers called these realities of man the Curse of Eve and the Curse of Adam, penalties of rebellion against God. The Magician seeks to remove these penalties, not by accepting Christ’s atonement for them, but by the revolt (or, rather, continued revolt) against the divine power which is inflicting them.

This, to call it by its right name, is Satanism, and it is a delusion and delirium so sick and psychotic that to call it by its false name “Woke” is an overload of irony. Awake is the one thing the Woke are not. Like every part of their vocabulary, calling Stalinist conformity by the name “diversity” or calling exclusion “inclusion” or calling inequality and injustice “equity,” deception and self-deception are the source and summit, axiom and aim of their world, from crown to taproot.

Everything is false, inverse, backwards, sick.

Everything Woke turns to wastewater. How could it not? It is meant to.

Rebelling against heaven makes an angel into a devil. Rebelling against light makes darkness. Rebelling against truth makes falsehood. Rebelling against virtue makes vice. Rebelling against beauty makes ugliness. Rebelling against life makes death. Rebelling against eternal life makes eternal death.

The Magician hopes to overthrow God and become god, wrestle the scepter from the Almighty hand, and use the usurped divine powers to create heaven on earth. However, as a matter of logic, that is self-contradictory: Heaven is the source of light, truth, virtue, beauty, life and eternity. Rebellion against these things means the loss of all.

2. The Dialectic of Eternal Revolt

Rebellion against the world, both civilization and cosmos, is the path to salvation for the Woke, the cure for the world’s pain. But the rebellion is also against oneself, for the division between self and other must be abolished.

For the Woke, as for the Hermeticist and Gnostic before him, the end of man is to submerge one’s individualism into the communal unity. This unity is the eschaton or endpoint of history, where all theory and practice, divinity and mortality, reunite into utopia.

Utopia is inevitable, but cannot be achieved without the dialectic of unreason.

This dialectic of unreason consists of each stage of evolution to utopia ending in a violent clash of opposites, whose mutual destruction creates a reconciliation of the opposites, which introduces the next stage.

It is unreasonable for two reasons (1) it avows diametric contradictions to be simultaneously true; (2) it is violent. Earlier advocates of Enlightenment, such as Hegel or Hermes Trismegistus, were content with spiritual or intellectual clashes. Moderns are more literal, and pant for bloodshed, race riot, arson, genocide. See the Twentieth Century for details.

The violence is a core principle of the theory. All evils are caused by the class, sex, race, or worldview secretly controlling civilization and cosmos. As soon as civilization and cosmos are reduced to ash, and the scapegoat responsible for all evils is toppled, humiliated, tortured and obliterated with sadistic brutality, and as soon as all reactionary thought is ferreted out and humiliated and tortured and exterminated with sadistic brutality, then and only then the shining perfection of utopia will spring into being out of nowhere for no reason.

Once the whole world is a torture chamber, it will become a garden of paradise. These two things are direct opposites, but, of course, by the dialectic of unreason, opposites are not opposite. Reason is unreason.

Conveniently for the Woke, enlightenment requires no effort. No actual enlightenment is required, and no standard need be met. Neither healing the sick nor raising the dead is needed to prove one to be a messiah greater than all prior messiahs, nor is charity, decency, virtue, or common sense. You are not elected by the people, nor crowned by the Pope, nor anointed by the prophet Samuel.
You merely anoint yourself on your own authority: for you are god. You are god because you say you are. None may gainsay god.