Addendum — Blacks Also Not Tired of Winning Yet

In a recent discussion in this space, I was listing Donald Trump’s accomplishments for president, but there are items I forgot or failed to emphasize. This is only what he did particularly to help blacks, and I mention this list only to emphasize that if he is indeed a racist, he is the most ineffective racist of all time:

  • Opportunity zones in urban areas,
  • Massive funding for HBCUs,
  • The First Step Act (to give ex-cons opportunities to apply for employment or home loans without their record getting hindering this),
  • Abolished the 1994 crime bill that was written by Joe Biden and supported by Bill Clinton and nearly caused the incarceration of 490,000 black men (long prison terms for minor drug possession offenses, &c.)

Let it not be forgotten that Trump NEVER took a paycheck for his service as President. Instead, this paycheck was donated to HBCUs,  to urban development charities, and other black charities as well.

In the alternative, let us list whom the Democrats have mainly benefitted. When taking into account their age, and the number of years they have been in DC, the number values are startling:

1. Mitch McConnell: 81 years
Time in Washington: 39 years
Net worth: $35,000,000

2. Nancy Pelosi: 83 years
Time in Washington: 36 years
Net worth: $115,000,000

3. Dianne Feinstein: 90 years
Time in Washington: 31 years
Net worth: $80,000,000

4. Chuck Grassley: 89 years
Time in Washington: 48 years
Net worth: $8,000,000

5. Joe Biden: 80 years
Time in Washington: 51 years
Net worth: $15,000,000?? — amount undeclared from Ukrainian money laundering cannot be estimated at this time.