Demeaning Childhood Joys

In the general war between the culture of life and the culture of death, I should note that the laissez-faire sexuality wing of the battle line has joined with the child-hating reserves.

In particular, I read in this month’s LOCUS magazine that famed cartoonist Alan Moore has penned a work called LOST GIRLS, starring Dorothy Gale, Alice Fairchild, and Wendy Darling, where the beloved girl characters from our childhood tales are depicted in acts of pornography on every page, including group sex, homosexuality, bestiality, and pederasty.

His reasoning? Mr. Moore claims our culture does not think and publish enough about sex. We’re repressed. Showing the girl from ALICE IN WONDERLAND having anal intercourse with a rabbit or something will be good for our mental health and emotional wellbeing.

I kid you not. I am not making this up.

Note how the humorless Mr. Moore wraps himself in the flag of moral sanctity to excuse himself. He is bringing enlightenment and culture to the rubes; honesty consists of glorifying sick perversions with all the wit and craft his art can bring to bear. What a smug jackass.

To think, I used to admire this man. Somewhere, bound in ice in the lowest circle of hell, the devil pauses in his gnawing on traitors, his tears of ice are checked, and he smiles a grim, lingering smile, and orders his lesser angels to prepare a place for someone who betrays his muse.

Show me a culture that hates virginity, and I’ll show you one that is bent on demeaning, and, yes, desecrating every pure and happy memory of childhood.