Publications by John C. Wright:



 The Count to the Eschaton Sequence

COUNT TO A TRILLION (novel) Tor Books (December, 2011)

THE HERMETIC MILLENNIA (novel) Tor Books (December, 2012)

JUDGE OF AGES (novel) Tor Books (February, 2014)

THE ARCHITECT OF AEONS (novel) Tor Books (April, 2015)

THE VINDICATION OF MAN (novel) Tor Books (November, 2016)

COUNT TO INFINITY (novel) Tor Books ( December, 2017)

A Tale of the Unwithering Realm

SOMEWHITHER (novel) Wisecraft Publishing (July, 2022)

NOWHITHER (novel) Superversive Press (June, 2019)

Iron Chamber of Memory

IRON CHAMBER OF MEMORY (novel) Castalia House (March, 2016)

Tales of Moth and Cobweb

GREEN KNIGHT’S SQUIRE (novel omnibus ed) Castalia House (June, 2017) Published separately in electronic format as:

DARK AVENGER’S SIDEKICK (novel) Castalia House

MAD SCIENTIST’S APPRENTICE (novel) (forthcoming)

GHOSTLY FATHER’S NOVICE (novel)  (forthcoming)

The Golden Oecumene Trilogy

THE GOLDEN AGE (novel) Tor Books (April, 2002)

THE PHOENIX EXULTANT (novel) Tor Books (April, 2003)

THE GOLDEN TRANSCENDENCE (novel) Tor Books (November, 2003)

The Books of Everness

LAST GUARDIAN OF EVERNESS (novel) Tor Books (August, 2004)

MISTS OF EVERNESS (novel) Tor Books (March, 2005)

The Chronicles of Chaos

ORPHANS OF CHAOS (novel) Tor Books (November, 2005)—Nominated for a Nebula

FUGITIVES OF CHAOS (novel) Tor Books (November, 2006)

TITANS OF CHAOS (novel) Tor Books (April, 2007)

A.E. van Vogt’s Null-A

NULL-A CONTINUUM (novel) Tor Books (May, 2008)


SUPERLUMINARY (Omnibus Edition) Castalia House (February, 2018) Published separately in electronic format as:

    • THE LORDS OF CREATION (Novel) Castalia House (February, 2018)
    • THE SPACE VAMPIRES (Novel) Castalia House (June, 2018)
    • THE WORLD ARMADA (Novel) Castalia House (July, 2018)

Also on Audio as

SUPERLUMINARY: The Complete Trilogy Unabridged (Audiobook) Narrated by Ralph Lister, Podium Audio (February, 2019)

Lost on the Last Continent

TERRORS OF PANGAEA  (novel) Theogony Books (January, 2020)

GIANTS OF PANGAEA (novel) Theogony Books (February, 2020)

GODS OF PANGAEA  (novel) Theogony Books (March, 2020)


AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND (anthology) Castalia House (April, 2014)

  • Introduction: On the Lure of the Night Land (essay)
  • Awake in the Night
  • Cry of the Night Hound
  • Silence of the Night (revised for this volume)
  • Last of All Suns

CITY BEYOND TIME – Tales of the Fall of Metachronopolis (anthology) Castalia House (June, 2014)

  • Murder In Metachronopolis
  • Choosers of the Slain
  • Bride of the Time Warden
  • Father’s Monument
  • Slayer of Souls (original)
  • The Plural of Helen of Troy (original)

THE BOOK OF FEASTS AND SEASONS – Tales Inspired by Feasts and Fasts of the Calendar (anthology) Castalia House (November, 2014)

  • Pale Realms of Shade (original)
  • A Random World of Delta Capricorni, Called Scheddi
  • Nativity (original)
  • Sheathed Paw of the Lion (original)
  • On the People’s Business
  • The Meaning of Life as Told Me by an Inebriated Science Fiction Writer in New Jersey (original)
  • Queen of the Tyrant Lizards (original)
  • The Parliament of Beasts and Birds (original)
  • Eve of All Saints Day (original)
  • Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus (original)

ALL MEN DREAM OF EARTHWOMEN AND OTHER AEONS – An Anthology of Aeons Far and Near (anthology) Still Waters Books (December 2020)

  • All Men Dream of Earthwomen (original)
  • Father’s Monument
  • Peter Power Armor
  • Last Report on Unit Twenty-Two
  • Taking the Long View (original)
  • Forgotten Causes
  • Choosers of the Slain
  • Scepter of Nowhere
  • Judgement Eve
  • Lone Soldier in Paradise (original)
  • The Leviathan of Time (original)

Short Fiction Published Separately

Awake in the Night (novella) Castalia House (May, 2014)

One Bright Star to Guide Them (novella) Silver Empire (September, 2014)

Short Fiction

  • Farthest Man from Earth, (novella) Asimov’s Science Fiction Vol. 19 # 4 & 5, No.229-230 (April, 1995)
  • Guest Law, (novella) Asimov’s Science Fiction Vol. 21 # 6, No.258 (June, 1997)
  • Not Born a Man, (short story) Aberrations #24 (October, 1994)
  • Forgotten Causes, (short story) Absolute Magnitude #16, Summer (2001)
    • reprinted in Breach the Hull, ed. Mike McPhail, Marietta Publishing (October, 2007)
  • On the People’s Business (short story) Dappled Things, ed. Katy Carl, Mary Queen of Angels, web publication, (2009 issue)
  • Murder in Metachronopolis (novella) Clockwork Phoenix 3, ed. Mike Allen, Norilana Books (July, 2010)
  • Judgement Eve (novella) Engineering Infinity, ed. Jonathan Strahan, Solaris Books, London (2011)
  • A Random World of Delta Capricorni Aa, also Called Scheddi (very short story) electronic publication Flash Fiction Online, ed. Jake Freivald (May 2010 issue)
  • The Lunar Sacrament of Confession (novella) Altered Perceptions, ed. Brandon Sanderson (2011)
  • The Ideal Machine (short story) Sci Phi Journal: Issue #1, ed. Jason Rennie (October, 2014)
  • Idle Thoughts (short story) Abyss & Apex: Issue 52, ed. Tom Simon  (4th Quarter, 2014)
  • Scepter of Nowhere (short story) Dark Discoveries: Issue 31, ed. James R. Beach (Spring, 2015)
  • An Unimaginable Light (short story) God, Robot, ed. Anthony Marchetta, Castalia House (April 2016)
  •  By His Cockle Hat and Staff (short story) Forbidden Thoughts, ed. Jason Rennie (January 2017)
  • Assassin in Everest (Excerpt from SuperluminaryPulpRev Sampler, ed. Jon Mollison (October, 2017)
  • The Mantichore Sanction (novella) Monster Hunter Files, ed. Larry Correia & Bryan Thomas Schmidt (October, 2017)
  • The Mirror of Circe (previously published as In the Palace of Promised Immortality) (novella) Planetary Fiction: Mercury, ed. David Hallquist (January, 2018)
  • The Farships Fall to Nowhere, (short story) Shapers of Worlds vol. I,  ed. Edward Willet,  Shadowpaw Press (September, 2020)
  • Fell Beasts (short story) Shoot the Devil, ed. Eric Postma,  Crucifixion Press (September 5, 2022)
  • Fantasy Harem in Another World (short story) Swords and Maidens, ed. N.R. LaPoint, Mistcreek Publishing (March 19, 2023)



THE LAMENT OF PROMETHEUS: An Examination of David Lindsay’s A Voyage to Arcturus (essay) Still Waters Books (January 2020)

THE LAST STRAW: a Critical Autopsy of a Galaxy Far, Far Away (essay) Still Waters Books (January 2020)

Also on Audio as

THE LAST STRAW a Critical Autopsy of a Galaxy Far, Far Away Unabridged (Audiobook) Narrated by Kenneth DickasonStill Waters Audio (January, 2020)


TRANSHUMAN AND SUBHUMAN Essays on Science Fiction and Awful Truth (collected essays) ed. Theodore Beale, Castalia House (May, 2014)

  • Introduction: The Wright Stuff (by Mike Flynn)
  • Transhuman and Subhuman
  • The Hobbit, or, The Desolation of Tolkien
  • Whistle While You Work
  • Science Fiction: What is it good for?
  • John C. Wright’s Patented One Session Lesson in the Mechanics of Fiction
  • Swordplay in Space
  • The Glory Game, or, The Bitterness of Broken Ideals
  • Gene Wolfe, Genre Work, and Literary Duty
  • Storytelling Is the Absence of Lying
  • The Golden Compass Points in No Direction
  • Faith in the Fictional War between Science Fiction and Faith
  • The Big Three of Science Fiction
  • The Fourth of the Big Three of Science Fiction
  • Childhood’s End and Gnosticism
  • Saving Science Fiction from Strong Female Characters
  • Restless Heart of Darkness

FROM BARSOOM TO MALACANDRA Musings on Things Past and Things to Come (collected essays) Still Waters Books (January 2020)

  • A Princess of Mars
  • Yesterday’s Long-Lost Tomorrow
  • My Invasions Plans
  • Review of the Movie We’ve All Been Waiting For
  • Fooled by Heinlein for Forty Years
  • Science Fiction and Wonder and Humbug
  • Writing with an Ax to Grind
  • The Silent Planet of CS Lewis
  • Voyage to Venus by CS Lewis
  • Nightfall and Night Lamp
  • Space Opera, Spiral Energy, and the Dark Side of Darwinism