Send in the Swiss Guard!

I see in the news that more brave jihadi are threatening our Pope. (I realize the Protestants are obliged to bristle at this, but I figure the Bishop of Rome  is as much a fixture of the Western Heritage and European Cultural Tradition as Big Ben or the Louvre, and we would certainly say the dickless towelheads blew up ‘our’ monuments if they detonated these landmarks, no?)

Personally, I would love to see some of the Swiss Guard earn their pay, and go kill the enemies of the Holy Father.

Now, I realize that to modern eyes, these boys in striped pajamas carrying spears might not look like much, but then again the enemy won their greatest victory with a group of glassy-eyed thugs with boxcutters. 

I think these guys could kick some serious ass.  Can’t we get our layabout government to do some lend-lease schtick and equip them with Vulan auto-cannons and LAW rockets?