Review By Drew

Drew Bittner at SF Revu has this to say about FUGITIVES OF CHAOS:

Personally, he is a little more gentle in his review than I would be. He says: “Wright deftly handles the trick of explaining the characters’ complex metaphysics without lapsing into pedantry or excessive info-dumping.” I say: “What is his idea of ‘excessive’, praytell? There is a fair dump of infodump in that book.”

I hope he is right.  I hope the readers think he is right.

I wish the second and third volumes were being released together instead of split apart. I cannot believe anyone wants to read a story broken in bits that way, or that buyers love going into a bookstore to see Volume Three of WHEEL OF SEQUELS, PART TWO B, without being able to find Volume One, Part Two A.

I don’t think I am giving anything away surprises if I mention that, in this volume of my series, Dumbledore dies, but returns from the the Farthest Shore as Dumbledore the White, either more powerful than before or stripped of his magic, Ron and Hermione end up as a couple,Darth Vader turns out to be Hamlet’s father, foully murdered by Claudio, and ‘Rosebud’ is Charles Foster Kane’s access code to launch the missiles and start the Spanish-American war, and, after the nuclear-magical holocaust Harry Potter is in the ruins of the New York City public library with nothing but an endless time to read and endless books–except that his has broken his glasses! Now THERE is a surprise ending for you!