My latest and greatest book, FUGITIVES OF CHAOS, hits the bookstores today! (I think so, at least. Igor, send someone downstairs to check).

Is it wrong for an author to be find one of his own characters attractive, shall we say, in a non-fatherly sort of affection? What if she is dressed in a Catholic schoolgirl’s outfit? Does that make it wrong? How about if she is not really a human being, does that make it the type of love that one must go to the Netherlands to express legally? What if she is fourth-dimensional, and you are only three-dimensional? Is it wrong to love a globe when you are a square from Flatland? (The answer to the questions given above, is, of course, YES IT’S WRONG, and, JEEZ, WRIGHT, SHUDDAP! YOU’RE A SICKO!)

Sorry. All I meant is that the cover art makes Amelia Windrose looks totally cute in her flier’s cap, deer legs and all, and badboy rock-angel  Colin is not the kind of guy most girls would throw out of the bed for eating crackers and dropping crumbs on the covers. Good cover art.

Honestly, I am not one of these sad, pathetic weirdoes who is only attracted to multidimensional schoolgirl aviatrixes. My tastes are MUCH healthier and more normal.

I am attracted to evil cartoon space princesses!

No, no, just kidding. Ha, hah! My tastes are MUCH healthier than that. I am attracted to women’s auxiliary naval officers of Star Fleet who have been swept off their feet by evil alien space gods, and forced to dress up like a futuristic version of Io or Europa or something.

And Fembots. But who is not attracted to Fembots? I mean, if I could get a date, I wouldn’t be a science fiction fan, right?

And fembot sex workers. I means, they’re BUILT to be attractive, so it is perfectly, uh, understandable that a red-blooded, um….

Robo-Harlots are not to be confused with Space Harlots, er, Companions! Entirely different sort of thing. Only a Mundane would confuse the two. It will be a perfectly respectable profession in the future.

And there is nothing abnormal about being attracted to Orion Slave Women.

Because, um, they’re so very green, and…

And no man in the galaxy can resist them! It said so in the pilot episode!

Did I mention that there are whole websites devoted to green pleasure-slaves from Orion? So it is not just me who is odd.

(It SHOULD be, but it is not.)

So I am not just some loser who is only attracted to evil cartoon space princesses. (*)

I also like, er, evil live-action space princesses.

And just in case any one doubts for a moment that real life earth princesses do not look as good as imaginary space princesses, I have offer the following as Exhibit A and B

Her Majesty, Rania of Jordan

Her Serene Highness, Grace of Monaco.

Hubba, as they say, Hubba, Your Grace.

This has absolutely nothing at all to do with my book, does it? Of course, two of my characters are good looking space princesses, or princesses from other dimensions or something, so maybe there is a connection there somewhere.

Anyway, go buy the book, or I will tell you more details of my psyche you just don’t want to know.

(*Footnote: Yes, I know that this is Hal Jordan’s mind-controlled girlfriend Carol Ferris, Earthwoman, but, nonetheless, he was raised to royal dignity by the  Zamarons, she counts as a space princess, the same way Grace Kelly, American, counts as a Princess of Monaco.)