I Have The Power

If you did not get a chance to read the comments of Nancy Pelosi, the new Speaker of the House, on the occassion of the convention of the newly seated Congress, I have an updated version here.

While the full weight of Republicans’ powerlessness sinks in after 12 years of control, Democrats are celebrating the historic election today of the first female speaker of the House….After calling herself “the most powerful woman in America,” Mrs. Pelosi flexed her right muscle like a weight lifter to much applause at an event yesterday titled a “women’s tea.”
“All right, let’s hear it for the power,” she screamed as the jubilant applause continued. “People of America! I stand before the Great Eye of the galaxy. Chosen by destiny by the powers of Greyskull!”

“Now! I, Pelosi, am Master of the Universe! YES! Yes… I feel it, the power… fills me. Yes, I feel the universe within me! I am… I am a part of the cosmos! The power flows… Flows through me! Of what consequence are you now? This planet, these people. They are NOTHING to me! The universe is power! Real, unstoppable POWER! and I am that force! I am that power! KNEEL BEFORE YOUR MASTER! Fool! you are no longer my EQUAL! I am more than man! MORE THAN LIFE! I… am… a… GOD! Now. You… will… KNEEEEEL! KNEEEEL!”