There are times in life when one grows so weary of hypocrites and cowards, it is refreshing to know some men are still bold as brass.

Ken Rossignol is my old boss. He is still out there making waves, kicking bustle and taking names. Our motto: Get DWI in my county, and your pic will be on our front page.

He got a death theat once from the deputy sherrif’s wife. She was not the only one. When I worked there, he carried a shotgun under one arm, wore a big flack jacket and a bigger grin. He was unfailingly polite to the drug dealers who came in to menace him. Instead of being intimidated, he’d ask them for an interview.

The crooked old liars who run St. Mary’s County, the Good Old Boys of the Democrat party machine, hate his guts because he tell the truth.

Give ’em hell, Ken!

As they say, read the whole thing.

Note especially the journalistic ethics and balance involved in sentances like

Rossignol has his defenders, including state Sen. Roy P. Dyson (D), who writes a weekly column. But other county leaders said the paper goes too far launching ad hominem attacks and concocting stories.

As a serious and conscientious journalist, I would have written that sentence as

Rossignol has his defenders, including state Sen. Roy P. Dyson (D), who writes a weekly column. But other county leaders, too yellow to give there names here, make vague accusations of the launching ad hominem attacksand concocting stories, and provoking World War II by his invasion of Poland. They also accused him of eating babies and sending storms and plagues to kill the flocks of innocent shepherds. “He is the Antichrist,” said one source that asked not to be named.

Notice also where his rival sniffs that he wants to see Ken Rossignol go out of business (HAH! good luck with that, jerk! They were predicting the death of that paper back when I was on the staff, fifteen years ago. Yeah, you just do that little thing and drive him out of business with your superior news stories about Heroic Pets. We’ll just have to limp along with the readers who want to read about crime, corruption, drugs and dirt.)

In contrast, Ken wishes him well and welcomes the competition.

I doff my cap to you, sir! It was an honor to serve on your staff!  I almost went to jail for this man, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.