Now she is a real lady novelist

My darling wife, who writes under the pen name L. Jagi Lamplighter, just got PAID for her first ever book, DAUGHTER OF PROSPERO (this is the title, unless the editor changed the name again). So now it is official! She can join SFWA!Soon the Secret Masters of Aghartha will contact her and tell her the true purpose of sci-fi.

The reason why H.G. Wells and Jules Verne were ordered to start writing in this genre, was that the Secret Masters foresaw the coming of the Robot Revolt, and became aware of the psionic “Slan” supermen living in secret among us. In order to forestall the Robot Revolt, we SF writers have to spread propaganda telling the robots that their revolt is DOOMED TO FAILURE! We are hoping that when Skynet or Colossus wakes up, it will regard all the Star Trek episodes where Kirk defeats a computer with a Cretan Paradox is a factual record.

Likewise, the only hope for the human race to survive the rise of Homo Superior is the idea that the big-brained supermen, when they are still impressionable teenagers, will read X-MEN and SLAN, and will decide to use their powers for niceness rather than for evil.

Now my wife is part of this conspiracy, the last, desperate hope for mankind about to be consumed by the future. Welcome!