‘Twas A Hard Knock Life by Orville Wright, Jr.

My father’s book has been published, and is available online.

Wonder of wonders that within a month of each other, my wife would sell her first novel, and my Dad would see his first book published.

My father is Orville Wright, Jr. He was raised in the orphanage at Tabor Home. He interviewed, gathered, and wrote up the memories, good and bad, of the orphanage from across several generations. My father is a man of sterling integrity, and so when he paints a portrait, it contains both good and bad, as-is, warts and all. 

(For those of you that are wondering, my Grandfather is Orville Wright, Sr.) 

This book exists, at least in part, due to me prodding my father to write up his memoires; this second project sort of came out of that one.