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Fantasy Bookspot
Definitely one of the best fantasy trilogies I’ve read in quite some time. Wright may have followed in the footsteps of Neil Gaiman with his approach to mythology, but his accomplishment here is no less for it.
SF Revu
Wright skillfully evokes Zelazny in this trilogy, creating a complex but internally consistent set of realities with overlapping powers and a mythological structure. It’s a tremendous feat of writing […] Strongly recommended.

Of course, the guy at SF Revu is a friend of mine, so he might be tempted to go easy. On the other hand, he said something I wish to heaven I had heard back when there was still time to correct: The combination of which powers cancel out which was confusing. Maybe I can put a chart in the paperback edition. By the time Book III rolls around, it is no longer a mystery. 

My lame excuse: I wrote the thing thinking readers would read it all at one sitting. There are two scenes in the second book and several scenes in the third where the characters both experiment with and talk about their various powers. I thought the second book would still be fresh in mind when the third was read. Gah! It would have been an easy change to make.