I realize I made a HUGE mistake in asking who should play the parts if ORPHANS OF CHAOS were ever made into a movie. Only the comments of my reader set me straight. I should have asked, who would play the parts if Bruce Timm were drawing the WB toon version!

Here are my suggestions:


The Martian Manhunter as Victor Triumph–cool and collected, the leadership role.


Supergirl as Amelia Windrose– athletic sort of all-America girl

(despite that Miss Windrose is British, so go figure).


My second choice is Roxy Rocket, who has the right wardrobe. 


Harley Quinn as Vanity Fair– Look at that smile!

She has the right kind of attitude. Ignore the blonde hair and whole psycho hose beast thing, and she’s almost a perfect fit.


My second choice for Vanity is Giganta, who has the right personality. Giganta is a very nice person once you get to know her. At least she’s a redhead.


The Demon Etrigan as Colin Mac FirBolg–I wish I had a shot of him grinning, and you’d see the resemblance.


The Question as Quentin Nemo




Gorilla Grodd as Headmaster Boggin—he has the right tone of jocular menace particularly when he smiles.


Victor Fries as Doctor Fell — except that Mr. Freeze has feelings for his wife.


Poison Ivy as Miss Daw—she has something of the classy, aloof detachment of the siren.


Bizarro as Grendel Glum—seriously disturbed. Think of scenes where he talks about loving Lois Lane.   


Granny Goodness as Mrs. Wren—for that maternal look, my little ducks, my goslings, my sweet cakes.

And there you have it! Feel free to suggestion your own cast list.