Because, some days…

… are the kind of days when you want to look at a pretty building. Arguably one of the most sublime works of architecture in the world:

This is the Budapest Parliament

An interior shot

Well, if you insist. One more picture of Jenny:

I said one more, I meant two more. Go ahead, twist my arm.

Jenny in her Amelia Windrose outfit.

OK, if you insist, a picture of a hawt Space Princess! Flash, you should have gone for Princess Aura. True, she would have fed you to the dragon-sharks of Mongo after she was bored with you, but … I mean, come on. Princess Aura!

And a picture of Mars! Mars, the Red Planet! That wandering star of war destined always to haunt the daydreams of sciencefictioneers!

And, finally, a picture of Power Girl
Power Girl! Her gigantic, um, powers!  That girl of enormously rounded, uh, character destined always to haunt the daydreams of fanboys!

There you have it. From the sublime to the um, globular.

And, because you asked for it, a picture of another swordswoman. Amanda from Highlander.