The comment of a fellow science fiction writer

In the middle of discussion about whether Christianity will survive First Contact with aliens, or whether we will destroy the alien’s rich and unique spiritualism by our missionary work,Guy Stewart has this to say

 I find the belief that Christian missionaries “destroy cultures” insulting. Not to me — to the culture that was supposedly suborned by Christians. For example, I have heard it said that Christian missionaries destroyed unique cultures, religions, practices and ways-of-life by bringing in their “westernized religion”. What monumental arrogance! The accusers make the assumption that the primitive/alternate people are idiots and desperately in need of protection. Native Americans, Mayans, subcontinental Indians, Africans, Japanese, Australian aboriginals — were not stupid people. They heard the Gospel of Christ and became Christians not because missionaries threatened them or coerced them with trinkets or because they wanted technology (there were plenty of people offering technology WITHOUT religious trappings) but because a relationship with Christ made sense to them. These individuals don’t need to be protected — they are perfectly capable of making choices on their own based on data that they hear, consider and believe. To assume that “primitive” people became Christians under coercion is offensively arrogant. The same group of people will doubtless seek to keep Christians away from First Contact so as to “not offend” our interstellar brethren (or sistern). But intelligent life will be just that: intelligent. They can make the choice for themselves.

My comment: I, for one, welcome first contact with our new Insect Overlords… as a trusted celebrity, I can be useful in rounding up slaves to toil in their underground sugar mines.