Favorable Book Review

I have just gotten one of the nicest book reviews one could hope for. This fills me with elation. Not as much elation as, for example, the fact that my young boys like Tom Swift, which blows my socks off — but instead a healthy, professionally cool-eyed, stoically moderate elation as befits a man of my age and dignity.

Paul di Fillipo is the reviewer, and I get the impression that he is a Van Vogt fan. In a sense, I wrote the book for him — for everyone who loves Van Vogt — and I am delighted that he liked it.

Whatever the reasons, this homage to AEV V rocks like the original, if not harder.

In a way I could not have imagined possible, Wright nails van Vogt’s style….. Wright is channeling AEVV full-bore here, in a 20-decimal-point way.

I find all of Wright’s versions of the characters to be spot-on, and he in fact gives them somewhat more depth than their original creator. And any retcons bear the hallmark of being convincingly implicit in the original material.

But it’s in the matter of extending van Vogt’s themes and atmosphere and ideas that Wright really pulls off a stunner. … This damn book is stuffed with enough bewildering weirdness that readers will have to grow a second brain just to survive…

Waiter, I’d like a plate of Cool Beans smothered in Awesomesauce, please.