Big Brother is Watching

From a just released news report:

“The Obama campaign is asking law enforcement to target anyone who lies or runs a misleading television ad.”

“Prosecutors and Sheriffs are joining something called the ‘Barack Obama Truth Squad’ and say they intend to respond immediately to any ad that violates ethics laws.”

Need I make any comment about this one, O Leftists? The only time you like the First Amendment is when it is defending kiddie porn.

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt can be contacted here. He has denounced the plan, referring to it as carrying ‘the stench of police state tactics.’ Please send him a note of support.

Obama Wants NRA Ads Banned:

Need I make any comment about this one either, O Leftists? You have never liked the Second Amendment. Everything you ever need to know about a man’s attitude toward his fellow man, you can discover from his attitude toward the concept of an armed citizenry. A man who hates and fears his neighbor’s ability to defend life, home and property regards his neighbor as an enemy. A man unfazed by an armed neighbor regards his neighbor as a friend and ally.

And I need make no comment about the Fairness Doctrine. The Left wants to kill or control talk radio.