October 24, 2008 11:33 am

My friend and fellow conspirator Partywhipple has decided, after a sober and thoughtful meditation, to depart from normal work and life, leaving behind his mortgage and his anime collection, for a more lucrative and rewarding profession: duck-sailing through pirate-infested waters. http://partywhipple.livejournal.com/803348.html?nc=11

He reports his decision as follows: 

Giant rubber duck!!

Please tell me this is real. Just know when you do I am heading to wherever that giant, rubber duck is and riding it across the world’s oceans, fighting pirates as I go. Everything will be all right as long as i have my giant, rubber duck.

Bandersnitch comments:
Might not make the best choice for pirate fighting vessels. But still insanely cool.

That, and he makes bath time lots of fun.

Partywhipple replies:
Dude, if you saw a giant, rubber ducky bearing down on you with me on it’s back waving a sword you KNOW you’d just drop your weapons and run. It’s just too awesome to fight.

Bandersnitch confesses:
I would be far more fearful of this vessel than the Black Pearl herself.

And yes, the giant rubber duck is real. 
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