He is asking where his father is, and crying for his mother

His parents are dead, of course, butchered like dogs.


The article is too delicate to use the I-word "Islamic" or the T-word "Terrorist", but instead calls them "Militants".

Militants. Such a careful word. Such a correct, oh so correct word. So delicate. Such nicety.

As if the act of raping and murdering wives before the eyes of their husbands before killing one and the next, and killing civilian woman and children while not in uniform and announced by no declaration of war, has any purpose aside from terror.

Who teaches their children such hate?

Who teaches that Jews are the sons of pigs and apes, that Negroes are subhuman, the Women are half-human, and must be kept in trashbags, and kept as collector’s items, killed when they wear make-up, and teaches that homosexuals must be thrown off buildings?

Which religion is it? Is it the Christians, perhaps, or the Buddhists? Perhaps it is the followers of Shinto or Confucius? No? Then who?

Ah, it must be the Mormons. That is why the pro-perversion partisans are burning Bibles in front of the Mormon churches, and sending them letters filled with suspicious powders! Would the Toleration Lobby ever protest before a Mosque? Or the loud-mouthed Feminist, the bravest of the brave? Would you print a Danish cartoon, or write a book mocking the child-bride of Mahound? Why, no!

And why is this, O boldest partisans of the godless Left? It is because the enemy has already won in the only battlefield that matters. You are afraid even to say their names. To you they are merely "Militants" and to you they are not an enemy to be feared.

You cannot call them heretics and infidels, because you have nothing sacred from which to be heterodox. You cannot call them soulless butchers because you do not believe in souls, and, to you, a butcher who slaughters livestock is more abhorrent than a murderer who kills people, so it is no worthy metaphor to call them butchers.

You cannot call them vermin, because the fox and the stoat and the rat and the wolf, and other beasts that destroy livestock, and are the enemies of man, are protected species in your hearts, worth more to you than human life.

You cannot call them dishonorable, because, to you, the laws of war are meaningless: you never had any honor to begin with, so how can you understand the difference between a man who fights in uniform, and a terrorist who kills women and children? Ah, but to kill woman and children does not outrage you, because it is sexist and age-ist to protect women and children. Besides, what are children aside from abortions that escaped the knife?

You have no words to call them. You have nothing to call them. You cannot even call them fascists, which is what they are, or theocratic totalitarians, which is what they are, because those words have been used up. That is what you call Christians and Republicans: the only people who might save you from the Beast.

How long, O Santiago Matamoros, how long?

How long until must we endure? How long will we hear the fools cry ‘peace, peace’ when there is no peace? How long will the traitors among us aid our enemies, open our jails, publish our espionage for them?

How long will the West lack a leader?

Send us, Saint James the Moor-slayer, a heart that knows courage, and hands that forget not the sword!