Patrick McGoohan has passed away

I read that one of my favorite actors has taken his final curtain call. I doted on ‘Number 6’ when I was young.

He was also in ICE STATION ZEBRA, and Disney’s THE SCARECROW, where he played Dr. Syn, the crown-defying smuggler. What a voice that man had!

This is from an obituary on the ‘Big Hollywood’ blog

McGoohan …  was considered for the role of James Bond, but reportedly declined it for moral reasons. McGoohan was married to the same woman for 57 years, and included in the contract for his first TV series, “Danger Man,” three special clauses: 1) no kissing, 2) each fight had to be different, and 3) his character must always try to use his brains before resorting to a gun.

Myself, I always thought McGoohan would have made a perfect Gilbert Gosseyn, if WORLD OF NULL -A had ever made it to the big screen.

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