Might be. Might not. Nothing is decided yet.

Catholic.org reports the Traditional Anglican Communion might be received into the Church this year.

As a recent convert who was put in the uncomfortable position of having to choose between denominations — a task I enjoyed about as much as sitting in judgment on a bitter divorce case —  I have always hoped for the reconciliation of the various churches into the one universal church that formed the first thousand years of our history (East and West did not schism until the 1000’s).

The breakup, historically speaking, is recent, and many of the political pressures that aided it along (Henry VIII’s need for a divorce) no longer obtain. The doctrinal differences are more severe in some cases than in others: I assume that if Christians were really Christian in love, we could find a way to overcome the Filioque controversy that split the Catholics and the Orthodox out of brotherhood.

Whether doctrines like Sola Scriptura or Double Predestination could be reconciled, smoothed over, renounced or embraced by all sides, that I find more doubtful.

The skeptics throw our lack of unity into our faces as an argument against the truth of our religion unceasingly. How can the truth be divine, if we do not agree on its contents? How can we be said to be guided by a holy spirit, if we act as if that spirit guides us into contention with our brothers? The skeptics can see we are not acting like Christians should, even if we can’t see it.

It would be an inspiring testimony against that skepticism if the body of Christ took some step to heal its deep wounds.