Flash Crowd!

Some craven decided to stir up controversy by soliciting his friends to come troll around on my livejournal. I have disabled comments from non-friends until further notice.

The vast majority of comments were logically irrelevant to the discussion, and hence contained nothing of value, neither as argument, nor entertainment, nor as a study in psychopathology.

To those happy few who were kind enough and mentally alert enough to write a reasonable, if opposing, viewpoint, allow me to congratulate you, express my respects and gratitude, and to apologize. I would have liked to discuss the matter further with you, but the sheer mass of Jacobin zealots makes this difficult. Perhaps we can revisit the discussion after things return to room temperature.

Even though we are on opposite sides, I assure you that the real division in the world is not between Right and Left, not between Homophobes and Pervertarians, but between men of reason and good will, we men of the mind, and our mutual foes, the men of unreason, the men of mere emotion.

Do not be fooled into thinking that because they agree with you for now, that they are like you.