A question for members of the Republican Party

I am only posting a link, and asking one question.

Here is the link: http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/pcourrielche/2009/09/21/explosive-new-audio-reveals-white-house-using-nea-to-push-partisan-agenda/

The article concerns using the NEA, the National Endowment for the Arts, to use taxpayer money (including the tax money from artists like me who make my living by the pen, brush, bow or chisel) to fund “artistes” (including those who cannot make their living by the pen, brush, bow or chisel because they are no-talent poseurs pretending to be someone like me) not to produce art for the community, such as public monuments to fallen servicemen nor public recitals of classical music written by famous native sons, but to crank out pro-Obama agitprop.

Here is my question for the members of the Republican Party (hereafter to be called ‘the Stupid Party’): why did the NEA continue to exist for even one day after your party had majority control of the House and Senate and White House?

How hard is it to run a red pen through one line in a federal budget, if you have control of the Congress, or how hard is it to send a squad of heavily armed men in riot gear into the headquarters of the NEA, have them burnt to death Waco style, and sent off to slavery in Cuba Elian Gonzales style?

I mean, when the Democrat Party (hereafter to be called ‘the Evil Party’), stubborn jackass of totalitarianism, gallops into control of the state, it can use the full power of the federal stormtroopers in their jackbboots to mug religious oddballs in Texas and little escaped slave-boy orphans in Florida, and then afterward go back to their favorite past-time of trampling a human face forever, but when the mighty GOP, elephant of fiscal responsibility, somehow tramples its path to power without tripping over its ears like Dumbo, we cannot find even one pencil-necked Bureaucrat willing to send a politely-worded eviction notice to the longhairs at NEA headquarters?

If I were asking two questions, I would ask the Stupid Party where in the Constitution the federal government is specifically enumerated the right to fund art projects? Any power not specifically granted the general government is reserved to the states or the people, remember.