Wright’s Writing Corner: The Morality of Story

My beautiful and talented wife has posted another Wright’s Writing Corner


Naturally, the same instruction as previous posts apply–leave compliments and praise on her website, where she can answer it, and leave criticism and rude barking here, where I can ignore it. Chivalry demands no less, gentlehobbits.

Or better yet, send your hate mail to John Scalzi, because (a) he grades it and (b) he makes me laugh. (NOTE: no John Scalzi were harmed in the making of this post. He was not consulted, and he does not know me from Adam, but I think he is a funny guy, so here is a link and a free plug for his book.)

In the interests of chivalry, let me also link to and plug my wife’s book, PROSPERO LOST.

Listen to what her close friends and relatives have to say about it! "The characters are lovable and the plot is enthralling. The author, Lamplighter, has written some fantastic short stories through the years but this is her first book. She’s done an excellent job. I highly recommend it to all." — Mark W. Lamplighter. There you have it! The book was so good  that the top Amazon.com reviewer, Harriet Klausner, gave it six or seven stars even though (a) Klausner had not read the book, or even the book jacket and (b) Amazon.com only allows you to give up to five stars. But where this book is concerned, the impossible is possible!