For Those of You Not Impressed with Raquel Welch

In a recent article in this space, your humble perpetrator of sciffy space opera opined that the Sexual Revolution was no friend of Feminism, since the object of the first was to reduce women to objects, and the object of the second was to elevate women to equality.

To bolster my argument, I linked to an Op-Ed by Sex Goddess Raquel Welch, who agreed with me. I admit this indulged in the informal logical error of ‘argumentum ad buxom’, which is to say, an appeal to the sex appeal of the authority.

However, argument from authority is the strongest form of argument, as many eminent people will attest.

Therefore, to further bolster the argument by further informal logical error, I now draw the attention of my patient and charitable readers to a well-written article by Some Anonymous Guy on the Internet. (Just kidding: his name is Lawrence Gage). The article is called Technology Versus Motherhood and the blog is called Real Physics. He describes himself a ‘humanist skeptic’ which I think means he is someone skeptical of the humanists.

The money quote:

The Pill is a great boon to playboys and womanizers: having excluded the natural ends of sex, a man may enjoy as many women to enjoy as he desires, with no ties, no limits. The AP article says sardonically, “After all these years, a male equivalent to the birth control pill is still five to seven years away.” Contraception is above all about men manipulating women.

The Pill is a great boon to social engineers. What good is motherhood anyway? We need a society of homogenized individuals who can be moved and manipulated for economic exigency, so let’s do away with intermediate institutions like the family: in the future children will come from central factories and every man will stand naked before the power of the State. Motherhood doesn’t count toward Gross Domestic Product, so what good can that institution be? We need more (immediate) productivity, so turn women out into the work force.

For many purposes the Pill effectively turns a woman into a man: a man who may be more verbal, more social, and adorned with pleasing curves, but still a compact economic unit unencumbered by larger allegiances outside the centrally planned State.

Droll nonsense after the cut. With Pictures.

Now, as a public service, those readers unready to assess each argument on its merits may now merely select which authority to believe based on merits unrelated to the merit of the argument! To enable the readers better to assess which argument is being proposed by a more believable spokesmodel, we here post represenative images of the two editorialists in question, first of Cavegirl Sex Goddess Raquel Welch, and next of Real Scientists doing Real Science Stuff:

Raquel Welch doing Welch Stuff in a Cavegirl Bikini

Another pic of Raquel Welch.
Were it not for the advance of Science, we would still be back in the Cavegirl days!

A Scientist in a Labcoat doing Science Stuff. With Test Tubes.

Another Scientist. Doing Science stuff. With a microscope.

But wait! Perhaps science has a dark side! Let us ask Dr. Mabuse, a respected member of the scientific community. Pardon me, Herr Doctor?  —

Will SCIENCE have an adverse effect on women, Herr Doctor?

Could there be some drawbacks to women due to the advance of SCIENCE?

Or will SCIENCE have a liberating, exhilarating effect on women?

Well, Herr Doctor, as an authoritative member of the Scientific Community of Scientists, what is your answer?

Herr Doctor…? What is it? Have I said something wrong? I only meant to ask —

No, Doctor, no! AAIIIIIEEEE! My brain! MY BRAIN !!! ARRRGGGHH!