Unkempt Personal Appearance! Time is 6.30, not 6.00

I wanted to remind the eleven people and two trolls who read my blog (thanks, Mom!) that I will be making a personal spectacle of myself, I mean a personal appearance on May 25th — THAT IS TODAY — I will be giving a Lecture at the Catholic Information Center. The title of the talk is ‘TOTAL CONVERSION — A Science Fiction Writer’s Personal Close Encounter with God’

Mr. Wright will discuss the events, both natural and supernatural, including
both philosophical conundrums and ecstatic visions, which led him from being a
fierce and uncompromising advocate of atheism to his conversion to Christianity,
and will discuss the relation of the Christian religion and Science Fiction.

Mr. Wright will also perform unseemly acts of snake-handling, quaffing poison, and speaking in unknown tongues as the Spirit gives him utterance! Woe unto the unbelievers! To be followed with Balloon Animals!

This is Tuesday evening, tonight, at The Catholic Information Center 1501 K Street NW, Washington, DC. 20005. My previous announcement was in error: the festivities start at 6.30, not at 6.00 as previously said.

This is very short notice, so those of my readers who live in Alaska are out of luck. Even if you live in North Carolina, you might not make it unless you sell all your worldly goods to buy a dangerous and experimental rocket-car, and start driving now.

(Just kidding about the Balloon Animals. )

Dangerous and Experimental Rocket-Car (Shown for Comparison Purposes Only!)