Wright’s Writing Corner: Guest Blog by Merry Muhsman

Writing Friend Merry with a delightful article on Encouragement.


When I was young, I hated water-skiing. Everyone in my family could ski. It was some sort of rite of passage. For me, it was downright terrifying. I was scared of the pull of the boat, and I let go of the rope as soon as my Dad accelerated. I suppose I thought my arms would rip from their sockets or something silly. Or my life jacket wouldn’t hold me and I would drown. I did everything I could to get out it.

Feigned sick. Waves too big. Ate too much at lunch. Water is cold. Anything.

Sometimes I have the same problem with writing. Some days I have trouble sitting in front of the computer to edit my work again. What if it’s rejected? What if it’s not good enough? What if someone hates it?

I find reasons not to try.