Christianity is now officially Mean-spirited and Violent

Here is a copy of the Manhattan Declaration, which is a statement of principles asking the American people to return to the traditional view of Marriage and God and the Sanctity of Life. It is about as offensive or controversial as being in favor of motherhood, the Star-Spangled Banner, babies, or apple pie.

However, we live in a day and age, which I call the Kingdom of Mouth-Foaming Christophobia, but which the Holy Father (with much more dignity than yours truly can muster) calls the Culture of Death, where to be in favor of babies is thought to be against the equality of women, and to be in favor of marriage is held, as a matter of law, to be an act of discrimination if not a bigotry akin to race hatred.

Here is a copy of a release from the Manhattan Declaration, explaining that Apple products will not carry an iPhone app allowing people to read and sign it.

The release reads, in part

“Apple rejected the app, saying in a letter on December 22 that the app contains references or commentary about a religious, cultural or ethnic group that are defamatory, offensive, mean-spirited or likely to expose the targeted group to harm or violence will be rejected.  We have evaluated the content of this application and consider its contents to be objectionable and potentially harmful to others.

What this means is that the teachings of the Bible itself are offensive, even dangerous.”

And finally, here is an email and phone number you can use, dear reader, to write or call Steve Jobs and demand an apology and a reverse of this appallingly condescending and nonchalant insult to the faith of our fathers.

It is considered a matter of no import, merely taken as granted, in the modern day that Christianity is the sum and summit of all that is evil and darkness, and that secular humanism with its related doctrines of grievance-mongering, materialism, racism and reverse racism, sexual perversion, hedonism, anti-Americanism, socialism, totalitarianism,  and Orwellian addiction to falsehood, make-believe and hypocrisy is the sum and summit of goodness and light.

So Biblical faith in its mildest and most Ecumenical form is defamatory and objectionable and potentially harmful to others, is it? And the Captains of Industry can say such things nonchalantly, and answer to no outrage, and pay no price in lost business, and no decrease in the plaudits of polite society, can he?

To object to any jot or tittle of the doctrinal purity of brainless Political Correctness, because it includes the doctrine that holding strong or judgmental opinions on any topic is the cause and provocation of all war, riot, social unrest and violence, is held to be tantamount to advocating violence.

The logic here is breathtaking. I mean that in the same way that opening your space helmet on the Moon is breathtaking — as in that there is a total hard vacuum of logic in Political Correctness, a stark and appalling void of anything akin to reason, similar to the starkness of the airless lunar surface.